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Magic for Children and Families

Children's Birthday Party Magic
Magic is a great way to bring the family together with a joyful diversion that creates lasting memories! People of all ages will find themselves seeing magic and disbelieving their own eyes!

Whether it's a show in a private home, a place of business, in a restaurant or community space, or perhaps outdoors, I have a box of tricks for just about any family setting.

Children of all ages enjoy Close-up Strolling Magic! This is classic sleight-of-hand magic with coins, cards, bills, balls, rings, ropes, and everyday objects! Add some Close-up Magic to your party or event and boggle the minds of the big kids AND the little kids!

Children's museum strolling at the A.C. Gilbert House Salem, OR
Family Holiday Party Strolling Magic
Strolling Magic is great BEFORE a show because once the magic takes place in people's hands, everybody becomes curious about what will happen during the show! Strolling is the perfect ice-breaker and gets people talking. It is ideal for parties, reunions, fundraisers, festivals, weddings, graduation parties, retirement parties and team-building events! When there is no captive audience, Strolling Magic is adaptable to almost any setting; it can be performed indoors or outdoors, day or night. Strolling will create buzz at your event!
Family Strolling Close-up Magic at Night
Children react strongly to school assembly magic show
Children's birthday party magic- biurthday child performs a trick!
Children's birthday parties provide a classic opportunity to entertain and amaze the whole family with the joy and wonder that is a Magic Show! Birthday party children will know it must be their birthday as they will perform a magic trick, and be rewarded with a magic set, a paper wizard hat, and a diploma of honorary magicianship!

Adults and teenagers celebrating their birthdays will assist in a trick- which results in a magical souvenir! They are then rewarded with a deck of cards and magic wand!
My Parlor of Wonders magic show will have your audience on the edge of their seats! Objects will appear in a flash of fire, multiply, and vanish at my fingertips, or in the spectator's hands! Something or someone will float in the air!
Teen Birthday Party Magic
Children are excited to participate in school assembly magic shows
Birthday child performs a trick! in his paper wizard hat with his new magic set!
All of my shows can be tailored more for adult, teen, or children's audiences by, for example, performing with a borrowed bill and a deck of cards, rather than "bringing a handkerchief mouse to life" and pulling things out my hat!
My parlor and stage shows, supported by a range of optional effects and illusions, have been developed over the past twenty years in the living rooms, community centers, libraries, schools, parks, banquet rooms,  and other venues throughout the Portland metropolitan area.

Call me today to bring the magic to yours!
Alexander, Master of Marvels! takes a bow.
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