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Magic Day Camps, Workshops, and After School Programs

After magic camp shenanigans!
Magic motivates learners like no other subject!  That's a great thing because by learning the fundamentals of magic performance students are activating a wide range of important skills: Problem Solving; Critical Thinking; Creativity; Public Speaking; Acting; Reading; Following Written Instructions; Visual Acuity; Perception; Crafting; Hand to Eye Coordination; Sense of Humor; Social Skills; Learning How to Learn; Self Confidence!

All of my programs teach the fundamentals of magic performance that every magician needs to know: Sleight-of-Hand, Misdirection, and Showmanship. Each trick is selected not just because it is easy to learn and fun to do, but also to reinforce fundamental learning. Each program concludes with a performance open to family and friends!
Master your Magic Set- Praticing magic with a partner.

Little Kids, Big Magic Show!

Designed for 5 and 6 year olds, this program focuses on showmanship. Each student receives a magic kit with age appropriate tricks to perform. Through storytelling and games, and by practicing and performing, students are encouraged to express themselves in their performances. By performing for parents, family, and friends, each student receives a magician's cape!

Master Your Magic Set

Designed for 7-12 year olds, this is my longest-running program. Each student receives a kit and manuscript teaching classic magic tricks. We focus on sleight-of-hand and misdirection in practice and performance as students are introduced to a broad range of magic fundamentals. Following their final performance, each student receives a magic wand!
Master Your Magic Set with Alexander, Master of Marvels!
A magic camp performance of the cups'n'balls.

Magic with Everyday Objects

People are often more amazed when the magic takes place with a familiar or borrowed object! Designed for 8-13 year-olds, this program focuses our sleight-of-hand, misdirection, and showmanship on the concept of "naturalness." Some crafting with scissors, glue, paper, etc. is part of this course. Students learn fundamentals of magic using nothing but ordinary objects! After their culminating performance, each student receives a top hat!
Alexander, Master of Marvels! Magic with Everyday Objects Magic Set
Magic with Everyday Objects Magic Campers practice individually for the big show!
Magic campers take a bow after the magic show!
As a certified community college instructor, former children's art teacher, and professor of art, it has been a pleasure to teach Magic Workshops and Day Camps at Libraries, Parks, Schools, Athletic Clubs, and in Private Homes throughout the region. Far from simply being fun, the educational experience that takes place in these programs supports classroom learning!
Magic campers earn a wand!
I hope to provide a fun and broadly educational experience for the children. While the students will be empowered by the experience in a number of ways, these programs really do provide the fundamentals needed toward becoming a professional magician! Don't be surprised if you find yourself attending spontaneous magic shows performed in your home or after dinner! Some kids may go on to become the magician in their families! As I tell my students, "if you learn to perform one trick well, you will have more fun for the rest of your life!"

Any time you have a chance to have more  fun for the rest of your life- you should take it seriously!
A bunny's sleight-of-hand!
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